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Alumni Meeting!


WestCare California, Inc.
2772 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd 93706 Fresno United States
With graduation comes an invitation to all functions held by our WestCare Alumni Committee. The next Alumni meeting will be held on Saturday, June 11th at 12:00pm (noon) at our MLK Residential facility. If you would like to participate, please RSVP before June 8th by calling Cleadus Shelton at (559) 251-4800 Ext. 20909 or emailing cleadus.shelton@westcare.com.

Please remember that giving back is a critical element in your continued progress through life. There are many who have invested time and energy into helping you get to where you are now and many more behind you that could benefit from your knowledge and support. Don't be a stranger as people need to see success, and your coming back to visit or volunteer gives them the hope and strength they need to continue on during those difficult moments when they want to give up.